Ethel M. Balmer, originator of Bird's Love


Bird's Love is an independent publishing company that specializes in children's picture books. It strives to indulge young readers with characters of color who offer unique or forgotten perspectives that are engaging, entertaining, and thought-provoking. Bird’s Love also provides editing services for children’s picture book authors, as well as create fun everyday items for young children. 


Bird's Love started with my mother, Ethel M. Balmer (a.k.a. Bird), who wanted to start a greeting card business in 2010. Her passing encouraged me to keep her vision alive; as a result, I developed Bird's Love's first collection of Christmas greeting cards in 2012, which were favored by many. In 2015, Bird's Love transitioned into an independent publishing company, providing the perfect place to publish my own works including, "Scary, Scary Sasha", and to offer editing services to aspiring picture book writers. 


Additionally, I've also created fun merchandise for young readers and plan to develop more eye-catching greeting cards in 2021.

Behind the Writing

My love for writing started when I was in the fourth grade. My teacher noticed my writing abilities and placed my stories in the reading area of the classroom so other students could read them.


My interest in children’s stories developed when I worked as an assistant editor for an educational publisher and reviewed a variety of children’s picture books.


But as my interest grew, I decided to hone my writing skills and earn a certificate in Writing for Children from California State University, Dominguez Hills. Ultimately, my interest turned into a love for writing children’s stories and a desire to self-publish my picture book, Scary, Scary Sasha, under my Bird's Love brand. I'm also the sole editor of Bird's Love who provides editing services for authors of children's picture books.

Starr Balmer-Chore, author of Scary, Scary Sasha and owner of Bird's Love. Starr Balmer-Chore is reading to children at Happy Harbor Christian School in Wilmington, CA. A Scary, Scary Sasha bookmark is shown.

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