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The Preparation: Get the Writing Process Started


Getting started can be the hardest step to achieve when writing a children’s book. That’s why this course talks about preparing your mindset before you actually start writing the story. It explores six essential qualities you’ll need to develop a writing process that works for you, provides insight on the picture book genre, and introduces four effective brainstorming techniques that’ll help you get your creative juices flowing. With this course, you will: - Identify your strengths and weaknesses in developing your writing process - Learn how to “study” children’s picture books to understand their elements and structure - Develop a solid story idea Plus, you'll get to put all of this into practice with some assignments (required) that'll help you stay focused on your story. What You'll Need: - Pen - Notebook - An open, creative mindset NOTE: For the best learning experience, courses should be viewed on a desktop computer. Assigments may require entering in text, which might be easier on a desktop computer. If you would like to use a handheld device (ex: cell phone or tablet), you can download the app Spaces by Wix, search Bird's Love, and log into your account. Let's get started!




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