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Bird’s Love acknowledges children's picture book authors we've worked with and their published books. Why? Because it's a HUGE accomplishment! We strive to highlight authors who share their children's picture books and background in hopes of inspiring others to meet their writing goals. Read about our current Spotlight below.


The Potty Monster!

By Tamara Brunson-Roper

"The Potty Monster!" features a young boy named Ryan who is afraid to use the potty, so he asks his family and friends to help him.

This humorous story aims to help children who are afraid to use the potty and makes going to the potty fun at the same time.

An illustration of a young black boy running away from an angry potty.


Tamara Brunson is a mother of four who lives in the New York/New Jersey area. Her passion for writing started with her firstborn son, and continued with her youngest son, as their past experiences as toddlers and elementary-grade students helped shape the focus of her writing. She loves to write children’s stories and enjoys reading them to her sons to make them laugh. Their enthusiasm has encouraged her to publish her stories and share them with other children around the world. She hopes families will enjoy them and plans to publish more books in the future.


Author: Tamara Brunson-Roper

Book title: The Potty Monster!

ISBN: 978-9692692335 / 9692692337

Publisher: Ruhn Publishing
Website: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart

Social media: Instagram

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