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What's your editing process?

First, I read your story thoroughly to ensure I have a full understanding of the characters, plot, theme, conflict, etc. Second, I begin to perform the developmental editing portion and make note of any major holes in the story. Third, I begin to copy edit and line edit your story. Lastly, I proofread it for small typos and formatting issues.

Will other people read my manuscript? 

Nope. Bird's Love ensures that all manuscripts submitted will only be viewed (and edited) by Bird's Love and will not be shared, sold, advertised, etc. without the consent of the author. 

What documents will I receive from you after editing has been completed?

You will receive three to four documents: 
One Proofreading/Copy Editing/Line Editing doc with tracked changes
One CLEAN Proofreading/Copy Editing/Line Editing doc with no tracked changes (shows the changes made)

One Developmental Editing doc*

One In-Depth Feedback doc*

*Note: In some cases, the Developmental edits and Feedback may be combined on one doc.

See the "View Editing Process & Samples" above for examples.

Do I have to accept all of your changes?

Nope. Once editing has been completed, you can make whatever changes you feel necessary.

What happens after editing services have been completed?

After editing services have been completed, you are free to submit your manuscript to your publisher, printer, etc. Or, you can make revisions on your own. It's entirely up to you. Bird's Love only provides editing services and is not your publisher. Therefore, you are free to change and do whatever is necessary with your manuscript after editing has been completed.

If I accept some or all of the changes you've suggested or make minor changes to the manuscript, can you re-edit it?

Absolutely! If only minor changes have been made or you just need a quick proofread, Bird's Love can do so for free! If the story has changed drastically (ex.: new characters, plot, theme, etc.), it will cost the full amount depending on the word count. 

When do I pay for the editing services?

The invoice sent by Bird's Love must be paid first in order for editing services to begin. 

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