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Bird’s Love is Now Offering 3 Online Courses

“Taking it back to the basics” is key to learning how to write a children’s picture book that’s fun, educational, and entertaining for young readers.

Children's are holding books in the air.

LOS ANGELES — Bird’s Love is now offering three online courses for those who are interested in learning how to write a children’s picture book.

These courses, which are super informative, self-paced, and affordable, strive to help students write picture books that are complete, concise, and engaging for young readers. Furthermore, it strives to help them gain a better understanding of their own drive for writing, gain a general understanding of the picture book genre, and learn the overall structure of children’s picture books.

“I’ve edited all types of picture books and wanted to create something to help writers get on the right track,” said Starr Balmer-Chore, founder and editor of Bird’s Love. “So, I decided to gather some of my picture book knowledge and experiences and put them into courses in hopes of helping writers start AND finish writing their stories.”

The Preparation: 3 Steps to Achieve Before Writing a Children’s Picture Book is all about prepping the mindset for the writing process and pinning a story idea. The Structure: Learn 5 Key Elements of a Children’s Picture Book embodies the main points every children’s picture book should have. The Enhancements: Adding Suspense, Excitement, and Impact to Your Children’s Picture Book addresses key techniques to help add more engagement to a story.

Students can choose to enroll in whatever course that meets them at their current level of creativity in the writing process.

“Everyone writes at their own pace, and their creativity moves forward at varying levels. Some may have no idea where to start, while others may have already written a story but think it still needs some work,” Balmer-Chore said. “Therefore, students can choose to enroll in one, two, or all three courses, whenever and wherever they’d like.”

All three courses are now open for enrollment. To enroll in a course or for more information, visit and click the Online Courses tab at the top of the Home page.

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